I saw a video a while back that claimed modern capitalism was stained with ideals carried over from the reformation and puritanism, specifically the article claimed Capitalism was plagued by a demanding work ethic necessary of Calvinism. I had heard many critiques of capitalism, and I try to see whether or not they are legitimate. I didn’t really take this piece as objective— it was written as many similar pieces are, making some academic or intellectual claim and fancying the logic until it seemed to make sense.

I did, however, see it subjectively.

There have been days I’ve felt I’ve worked myself to death, where I just want to lay out on the floor after putting in my hours. That isn’t to say my work has crippled me or destroyed me, but rather than I pushed myself perhaps too hard. That isn’t to say that my work isn’t good, I like what I do and the people I work with at Launchpeer. It is, however, to say that there should be a balance in everything.

I could see myself as pushing forward continuously towards an end goal of being successful in life, the same way a puritan my seek to purge his soul. The pursuit in and of itself may be damaging to the ends, the fastest and most intense path is not the most ideal.

I write this thinking about those who toiled, and I don’t think the path to a happy life is working endlessly for an ideal on the horizon. That isn’t to say ideals are wrong either. It’s to say walk towards the horizon you seek, but don’t lose sight of the scenery.


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