Don’t let your dreams be memes

It felt too weird to stop now. Every second of the day I thought, “hey, I’m gonna need to do my daily blog in x amount of hours”.

When people first came up with surnames (in England at least), many of the names simply referred to the peoples’ occupation. There came to be the Millers and the Coopers and the Smiths of the world because the identity of the person became sewn to that which they did. My own last name, Summers, is of English origin an example of the above, initially coming from the world “Summoner”, specifically those who would summon others to court and government affairs.

Perhaps my identity to has become slightly sewn to what I do here, and specifically the habits I’ve created. A sprinter is a person who sprints, take away the sprinting and you’ve taken away the essential aspect of what that person does. I’m a blogger and I writer thereby, and a hell of a lot more, but for the sake of the written content, you can’t have a blogger without a blog.


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