Seemingly, Fin (Blog #200)

After 200 blogs, I’ve learned I am readily able to create content on command. I’ve learned that writing is easy if you let yourself and that I’m perfectly capable of creating content. That writer’s block is a state of mind and is nothing more than you working against yourself.

That said, after writing for 200 days straight, I’ve begun to think that I’ve proven I can write, and what value remains after blogging for 200 days? There comes a point of diminishing returns, especially when one’s time is short, that makes me think that I have no need to blog any further.

Writing can be very enjoyable, as I’ve come to fully comprehend, but I approach the future with uncertainty. As nice as it has been to write for 200 days straight, and as much as it has taught me, I believe this will be the end of the streak.

Tomorrow, I may wake up and decide I can’t let it all come to an end now, but my thoughts going forward today are there is no need to continue this when other adventures and challenges propose greater rewards for me.

As I embrace my time with Launchpeer, and continue my editorial role with Original Path, I find there is a severe shortage in how much time and effort I can give to those endeavors. Being that they are so important to me, and even if I can squeeze the two hours I would normally be blogging out for them, I come to believe that that trade is a sufficient exchange.

This seems to the end, and I thank everyone who has been with me thus far and wish you the best on your endeavors as well.


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