Limit of Identity

Identity is a complicated issue for many growing up or those who seek to fit in amongst a group. It’s difficult to find a “self” which we can operate ourselves, and which we can assemble a locus from which to understand our realities.

We flock into clubs and cliques and cults and culture and cohabitations and communes and communities from which to name our flag and our banner. We assume a political, social, economic, racial, biological, medical, philosophical, sexual, gendered, rebellious and inconspicuous identity, for whensoever our situation demands or implies we should.

Yet, the great crux in identifying as the mass is the predicament which occurs when the group’s values diverge from individual experience. When the groupthink splits from your “think”, or when the group the group splits from that which you were originally loyal too, the group identity becomes corrupted. When it does not serve you, you must become a nomad for another banner under which to identify.

Given that as the groups become larger, they become more inflated and debased from reality. They become have to operate on fewer ties to keep it’s members together. Gays and Lesbians became collectively identified as homosexuals, and tied themselves in with transgender individuals to form the LGBT. But as the group grew, and identities became more diverse, more and more letters were added on and smaller and smaller sections of identities in those departments began to reveal themselves.

Today there is quite the issue on whether or not someone can be an extraneous gender, but I care little about that. While the running gag is hilarious, I find the false-pursuit of group identity to be largely sad.

The groups seem to have a limit and become smaller and smaller and smaller until only a sliver of a population that more or less serves as a stray handful suddenly becomes a group seeking to tie itself together. They are not protestants, they are unionists of evangelical Anabaptism practicing the world of the lord as recorded in the bible of King James. They are leftists, but trotskyist-strasserists seeking to voluntarily replace market economies. The nuance becomes ridiculous.

They group identities which apart like an unstable isotope reach towards something. They reach toward the individuality and sovereign identities of the members involved. They reach toward each constituent to be his own being and to pursue his own life and his own wants and practice his own beliefs. Of course, it is easier to be an androgynous polysexual feminist than it is to be one’s self at times. Of course, it is never as satisfying to be within any group union, when one has yet to find a union in their living mind and self.


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