Art makes life worth living. It’s the common taste of luxury and enjoyment which saturates joy for us as human beings. Where you need food to sustain your body, you need art to sustain your interests.

By art, I don’t necessarily refer to pictures from impressionists or renaissance painters. I don’t mean Rem Brandt nor do I mean Da Vinci, nor for that matter do I mean Mozart or Beethoven, nor Tchaikovsky nor Prokofiev (though I do enjoy his works). I mean those who create and illustrate toys and stories and imagery of our wonder and our passion. Those who capture imagery beautiful and with a grace unmatched.

All of those artists’ and their great works are indefinitely great wonder-makers, but they are not the sole wonder makers. Todd Howard of Bethesda games is in my view as much an artist as is Shakespeare— he is a man forging great works of beauty for the world to enjoy, either by playing as he intended or not.

The greatest artists are those individuals who create timeless wonders for the generations to sink their teeth in to and enjoy. The great artist produces beauty and entertainment for the world to consume, to digest and to admire.

Art is not a rampant provocateurism, whereby shocking and affronting imagery and noise is thrown at the sense. Art precise and engineered and developed with a mind hellbent on the creation of both great beauty, great wonder, and a great ascension for human beings.


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