One of the greatest fallacies I see today is this: people assert that what is equal is what is natural is what just is and all the vices and versas between. They assume that equality is both a natural state and a just state, whilst assuming a just state is a natural or an equal state.

There are reasons to believe this, true. It would be hard to tell a man stripped of any equalities and thrown into slavery that there is something natural about his shackles. Then again, it is hard to whip the greatest mind into to being line with the most mediocre and name that as justice as well. It is hard to say that nature in and of itself is justified as well, for the fish which swims too slowly and is caught must hardly think he got the just end of the deal.

In all that, however, we do agree to terms. There is an unnatural and unequal relationship between myself and my employer— nature did not intend for us to exchange over digital electronics the payment I receive and the work I deliver, yet it is a justified one. I have agreed to take on his duties and to assist him and name him my leader, of my own sovereign decision making, I have agreed to serve as his subordinate under terms that I would not be his equal. Perhaps in value as individual to individual, we are equal in our morality, but I have allowed myself to support his agenda chiefly, so that under my own terms I may support mine.

We cannot expect justice to be inherently equal nor natural, nor can we expect equality to be inherently just or natural, nor can we expect nature to be inherently just or equal. We may expect however to pursue our own goals and to set our own terms for the life we may lead. We may expect to take upon ourselves our own agendas, and then set our own standards, that standard which comes most naturally, justly and equitably to you, is the one you have every freedom to choose.


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