Customers = Salespeople

A good product should sell itself. It should have salespeople that get noise around it, and it should have a pitch, but the greatest salespeople who speak with the greatest authority are those you’ve satisfied.

I can’t stop talking about my favorite restaurants. I’m honestly a walking yelp review sometimes. Yet, I’ve taken many of my friends and family to those businesses that I think have served the best dishes. I can’t stop talking about the best movies I’ve seen, or the best games I’ve played or the best coffee shops. While those products and services have the sensationalism of entertainment behind them, I have been bitching for years about other products, and the moment I find a dishwasher that doesn’t break in two months I’m. Fucking. Telling. Someone. As far as I’m concerned, it’ll be the second coming of the Messiah when that happens.

You’re services and your character and your value are what can sell you. When you choose to be a lesser man or woman, the next more honorable individual who can hold your position will take your place. When you choose to be slow and clunky over fast and efficient, you choose the chance that the word-of-mouth selling point you could have had is gone. You sell yourself, your business, your services in every second of this earth, and the best way for your product to sell, is for your product to be so good it’s worth talking about.

Salespeople are viewed with suspicion, and the art of selling is not to sell. Yet people will talk endlessly about their values, their wants and the ways in which they are not satisfied. If you can satisfy them, beyond the point of contentment, and into the point of true and genuine praise, then those who will have heard of you shall already have heard of you in the best and most generous light. The light that you have served their friends, family, and acquaintances, and thus have already proven yourself to those whom your potential consumer trusts.

Make your skills so good they sell themselves. Make your value to potent, it’s worth talking about.


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