Adopt Joy

I started this blog on a negative note. Today is a very good day. My beloved partner is lying in bed next to me, and my parents are driving home from a journey with a new addition to our family. In my last blog, I wrote about how there seemed to be a great dawn of the morning about my life, and I can see it in the picture of the little puppy, or in the warmth of the girl I love.

Reality as human being interact with it is dependant upon perception. It is very hard to stop perceiving some things, and very easy others. The intricacy of human reality, which in my first draft I called a problem, is that human beings control their perception. Their number one way of interpreting what is real is augmentable.

If you don’t like a smell in the room, plug your nose. If you don’t like a taste of a food, stop eating it. The food may still taste awful, and the room terrible, but the recognition of its poor quality is no longer in effect. The reality we exist in is dependant on what we let ourselves see.

And so in the first instances of this blog I spoke about a dead dog that I had, rather than a new puppy I am getting to see today. I spoke about the problem of human existence, rather than my own power to choose the reality I live in. Yesterday, I got a job with my number one business partner, and today I am allowing optimism.

I am adopting something yes, and re-adopting something else. I am adopting a new addition to my family, hopefully, two, and re-adopting joy. Re-adopting my ability to control what I perceive and take in.

It’s common knowledge that taking in a bunch of crap food will lead to an unhealthy body. Yet, it’s less recognized that taking in a bunch of crap perceptions or narrative will lead to unhealthy worldview. Throw negativity in one’s face forever, and cynicism is the only logical answer. Choose to focus on the joyous, the lovers and the puppies and the warm beds and the happy days, and the mindset of progression and joy remain deduced as logical results.

Reduce the crap, and deduce happiness.


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