Today, after 178 days of blogging, numerous projects, interviews, referrals, portfolios and businesses, I got hired. After 178 of blogging, Launchpeer, a company that I’d been really interested in both helping and being a part of found my past work in marketing, my present work in Praxis and my general demeanor and excellent. I found them equally if not more so.

It feels remarkable to have made it into a good situation. It feels remarkable to move forward with my career. It feels remarkable to have made it through.

I had been concerned that I might have stalled, or that my choice road was not going to yield fruits. In Chinese folklore, the 4th hour of the day, or the hour right before dawn is the most sinister, akin to our witching hour. It’s the night when have endured the long confusion and fear and silence in the night. I felt my forth hour shift into my fifth, and the dawn of something to move forward and conquer felt it was approaching.

Long live the fifth.


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