Emotions are not unreasonable, they are core to existence as a human being. They come and go, often sporadically, but there is a far cry between the unemotional and the logical.

Certainly, keeping a cool head is indicative of being reasonable and headstrong in times of strife, but never allowing oneself to feel emotion will not give you a logical result. It will show up elsewhere. Out of anticipation for the call I had with Praxis BP, I began to wash my hands as a tick, and looking down at my right hand I can see the dust of consequence laying there. Maybe I should have let myself have the anticipation, maybe I should’ve found a better result, but either way, there was no keeping in emotion like that.

Emotions aren’t illogical, and they aren’t to be playing games of whack a mole with. There’s a reason Spock wasn’t portrayed as a human, being human means being emotional.

Vulcans are a fantasy.


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