It’s sting to feel burned one way or another, to fell screwed by one thing or another. It happens often enough, and with enough frequency that it’s simply a fact of life to mahy, but at it’s core it’s the glitches in our systems.

At one time, there were obviously no societies, total lawless tribesmen who moved from place to place. The tripping on a tree branch, or the casual cut was their “burn”, a slip in their system of which they were the victim, and point jutting out in their realities which injured them. Then, they invented fire, and so on they were burned truthfully. Then, they were invented machines of the flame, and machines of the metal, and so they learned injury from their innovations.

The casual misstep in our societies, our social systems and our world has lead to the frequency of some misfortunes more than others. Market economies, no matter how often they serve the public, are still the victim of bankrupcy and economic busts. This isn’t to say that the rewards of that system are not wonderful, but this is to say that for ever virtue their is a vice. Despite things like the industrial revolution practically ending famine in free enterprise nations, it created a prevalence of child labor. Despite the mass industry of paper and wood products, it has created a mass deforestation. We have simply traded the problems of one generation, for the lesser problems of today, and we experience lesser and lesser evils along with greater and greater goods.

Things like burns are the glitches in our social creations, which without the use of fire we could have never discoverd. Fire let us cook our food, warm ourselves, cremate our dead, signal messages across long distances, and it’s good greatly outways it’s bad, yet it’s bad does exist. Early humans simply traded the idea of uncooked food and frigid nights, for the possiblility of being burned.

They were likely never pessimistic about their innovations. That remains plausible only for those who have gotten burned.


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