Humans are idiosyncratic, they do all manner of things that they say there are against. There are those against prejudice who are prejudice, those for freedom who terrorize, those for justice who inflict damage, those who are gluttonous who support healthy living. Humans are anything but consistent.

John Lennon, for a notable example, is a bastion of peace and the hippie movement. He also beat the daylights out of women during his career. For a common one, people commit murder in the name of peace-loving prophets all the time. For a personal one I tease often but resent being teased.

People don’t act consistently so much as whims, they are difficult to predict and even more difficult to understand. It’s one of the key reasons I find planned social systems so implausible, as few people live as consistently planned, and more as consistently adapting. Life rarely has consistency, and humans rarely have it too.

As an inconsistent quote from the man I just aimed to defame, John Lennon, life is what get’s in the way when busy making plans. Try and live in total philosophical consistency for a week, or with a whole consistent plan, and you’ll find the innumerable variables of interference creep their way into life and take you for a wild ride. You’ll find circumstances will offer you the choice of reasonable inconsistency, far more than absolute consistency. You’ll find idiosyncratic occurrences with your values left and right. You’ll find you too are taken for a wild ride just trying to hold on to one understanding of the world.

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