The Ultimate Oppression

When I was around 16, I spontaneously wrote a paper about how “oppression” comes about. The oppression I spoke of was the allusive beast which is pointed to in politics, pointed out by one side as the other as being either an elusive myth or an abundant fact. The doctrines stated it was either the original sin of humanity, of which only the most oppressed could be free from, or an elusive fiction, which by calling it an illusion justified perpetuating it. Both sides aimed indefinitely to oppress themselves.

I was a witness to this political butting, and doing the only thing I felt I could, I wrote. I had left a community of hyper-religious demagogues, for one which I thought refuted that zealously, but in trying so hard not to be one thing, became the spitting image in another color. All I saw was the one trying to get its foot on the neck of the other. They were right to do so; to strangle the enemy was to stop them from competing in the argument. But neither represented their own virtue.

And so with pen on paper I listened to their talks of oppression, noting they were the same. Feasibly, we are all oppressive, they might have said, and I might have countered, to whom?

Those who claimed oppression was perpetual and the great demon of society did not think to look that they themselves may be possessed by the demon. Those who were oppressive did not think those whom they resented were worth understanding. Perhaps we all oppress, or at least, we all incline ourselves to not allow mercy and empathy to some, while granting it in abundance to others. We may still seek to know who we are the tyrant of.

Culturally, it’s fair to assert that the vast majority of the Western World has persons which are resented by the masses. Often, politics would call these groups “minorities”, but look hard and you will find that few in this world are not “minorities”. Even our Donald Trump finds himself in the minority of “the %1”, and he is far from the typical depiction of “minority”. Criminals, sexual deviants, racists, are as well minorities in this nation along with Muslims, homosexuals and the plethora of other groups, and we should not forget the minority is a statistical claim, not purely a social one.

Yet, I would agree with the claim that minorities are oppressed, not because some special group in set aside for social bullying, but because society is composed of factions of minorities across numerable dimensions, and all of these groups are criticized.

Yet who remains the “ultimate” minority? Who remains, the most oppressed?

My answer: those with whom you do not fathom to empathize.

The most oppressed people on Earth are those whom we are those who you name as evil, for you cannot fathom their good. They are justifiably so. Thus, the most unjustifiably oppressed group, are those few individuals within those sects. They are the innocent amongst the malevolent, the racist who has not committed a crime, the sexual deviant who does not defile, the cult that doesn’t sacrifice.

The most oppressed group is not those who are known to be discriminated against, but those who are regarded as not worth empathy. The innocent who remains in that group remains the most chained, the group society tolerates least. You wish to find who is the most oppressed amongst you? Look at whom you hate most. That faction is the most squabbled.

I do not seek to justify them. I condemn even the innocents who align themselves with questionable characters. Yet, those who I deem as most putrid, but have committed no crime and no injustice but that of being the enemy of society are those individuals who remain the most quashed.

That minority, simply put, is the individual hiding behind the vague curtain of “the enemy”. In the words of Ayn Rand. “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities”. The few amongst the many who do you no wrong. You choose your action. You choose your hatred. You choose your enemy. You choose your alliances. You have every right to be conscious of that which you resent, and that which you exalt.

I do not claim, like the victim-culture which is of my resentment, that you should stop this resentment. I claim only that you should know it lay within yourself. I resent those who victimize themselves and then hold free and innocent as their perpetrators, but amongst them is an honest individual of whom I have called guilty. To think in terms of any groupthink is to oppress those free-willed and honest persons amongst the masses you damn.

Until next time,




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