Steam Power

Anger has a hidden joy in it, a joy that it’s an active, filling, fueling emotion. Even today, when I get scared of something, one of the best tactics to overcoming it, is getting angry about it. Fear takes away the power, anger, while inviting recklessness, invites a kind of “nitro” towards any chosen goal. There is a feeling, when correctly controlled, that fills you up, and can make you fly forward like a jet to whatever you aim at.

The “controlled” bit makes all the difference.

If someone say’s you can’t do something, that you’re incapable, you have two options: get pissed at them, or get pissed in spite of them. You always have the option to get pissed in conquest of the problem, or get pissed at the problem. Anger is power, but it is hard to control. Steam is elusive, but it powered generations of productivity.

Harness steam.


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