Maiden Muse

Equality and beauty are non-compatible. There may be a thousand variations of beauty, and within those, some more beautiful than others. But beauty belongs the art of being superior in form and design. Beauty belong the pursuit of a perfect form. Beauty belongs the pieces of art, the individual artists, and the individuals for whom art is indulged.

Beauty is called subjective, but I say it’s individualistic. It belongs to those 3 entities for whom it is indulged. The beautiful woman has her form, her body, her soul, the beautiful art piece is hardly different, and neither art nor artist nor form can be pulled away from one another. Therein, the creation of beauty is the creation of self-truth and the exalting of one’s own being in the abstract, the physical and the creative force for either.

A dancer should not pretend to be a stone, and a stoic face should neither pretend to be a dancer. Insofar as either has their own self-truth, their radical pursuit of such is the creation of beauty within the natural world.

Let a maiden be a maiden, a muse be a muse, a master be a master, an artist have his art and beauty be beautiful.


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