When I first had an opioid a month ago, I could definitely see how they could be addictive. After having an ear infection that has definitively been the worst pain I’ve ever experienced, and getting my wisdom teeth removed, I have been prescribed opiates twice over. I have no doubt I am in full control of my mind, and that I am not an addict of the drugs, but I could definitely see after taking them why they are drugs of choice.

In the middle of the worst pain I had ever been in, I could simply pop one in and suddenly seem to check out of everything. The feeling of taking the drug was instantly euphoric and blissful, and I could feel the rest of my body take ease, as well as my mind,  begin to relax and a sense of charisma begins to flow in. It’s not exactly a rush, but it definitely is a “pick me up”.

I took them for a few days straight before I decided I wanted to take a lesser drug. Combining two separate painkillers seemed to work well after getting medicine that helped relax the infection, and I began to see the opiate as something of a seductress-drug, leading people astray, like a siren in the water.

The moment I could I threw it in my closet and stopped looking at it. The feeling it laid over me was pretty good, a very calming bliss, much like being adrift on waves of tranquility. The simple prescription seemed to make me stop caring about nearly anything, I was relaxed, and while in control of my faculties, made artificially at peace with them.

Even yesterday when I took just one I decided I wanted to avoid it as much as possible. In a state of sobriety, the pills are obviously dangerous and deeply capable of possessing the mind more than the mind possess them. In a state of their influence, they remain a dangerous pleasure, making it very easy for one to slip and lose their footing with the substance.

I’d be wary of the siren, as pleasant as she is. She has a soft, tranquil sound and feeling, but one that snatches you up, and though the waves may feel peaceful at once, they may soon develop into a riptide. Caution not to wash away.


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