For years I’ve been living in my house and feeling tired and exhausted within the four walls I call home. Due to this, whenever I wake up, one of my first goals is simply to get out of the house, in an attempt to get the ball rolling for the day. I generally assumed it was just the lethargy and mental slowness of spending the day at home. Recently, however, we discovered the real reason. Mold.

I am glad for the chances I had had to get away from my home, now that I can see this all in retrospect. Now that I can see the cause of my slowness, I can see what has been holding me back.

When I first left high school, I realized I had been taught that the environment makes the man. I started to believe that, and in some ways still, do. However, a thought and a phrase that saved me was the rebuttal, “but man may choose his environment”.

Choose yours.


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