I’ll Give You Something To Measure

Standardized testing is fun for practically no one, with students being pressured and stressed for most of the year into getting particularly good grades. At the same time, a teacher can’t experiment with curriculum for fear that they will be unable to have their students get good results on standardized tests, leading to stagnation, while administrators feel like they have to enforce extreme policies down the throats of their employees.

However, we can find different means to measure, and we can show kids that they can escape the ridiculousness of standardized testing. There is more to education that tests, and especially more to it than tests that fail to recognize their individuality, passions, and interests.

I watched this TED Talk by Christine Von Lersner that evoked a lot of emotions in me concerning the standardized testing of students, and I wanted to share it here with everyone who reads this. I hope you can enjoy this blog and the talk.

Until next time,


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