An Old Zealot

I was taught by a commie. Or at least some form of economic-central planning enthusiast.  He, to this day, remains quite the zealot and I enjoy in my own semi-masochistic sense, seeing what he will comment on my posts that criticize centrally-planned markets.

I am still very much so waiting for a form of socialism/Keynesian economics to work— mainly because I personally am a huge proponent of free-market economics and open enterprise. I try and be aware of this bias, and for that same reason I am eager to hear more from that communist(-ish) teacher, I am waiting for someone to provide the best argument against free-market economics.

A few days ago I posted something about the failure of the Venezuelan planned economy, and he commented something Ad hominem about my obliviousness. I tried taking it further, but the tendency I find is that the inner machinations of socialist economies seem to be a secret held away from me and that to criticize the central-planning enthusiasts causes them to reserve their responses as though I am not ready for their truths. Perhaps they have them, though I doubt it, and I imagine most are waiting for to simply preach to their own choirs.

I tend to sigh at this point. I have a dear friend who is much more socialist-leaning and who I can find a good criticism of my own ideas with. I enjoy the back and forward of where my ideas have failed, and where market failure may genuinely exist. I don’t buy it so much, but every now and then there are good arguments that have hit home.

I may also be a zealot, I can’t quite be certain, but I try to look for the answers, for the legitimate examples of market failure, for the things that show the lapses in free markets overall. Thus far, I haven’t yet found them. There remain plenty with the planned, but the unplanned, the semi-spontaneous market of all things remains one of the most shockingly harmonious systems I could ever fathom.

Maybe someday soon I’ll find the true examples, maybe never. Either way, I just hope I’m not a zealot when such evidence comes around.


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