Car Horn

The other day I was driving to downtown Austin and heading to the toll road. The lane that leads to it is a long, wide curve that makes it difficult to check your blinds at times. I knew this and casually looked over my shoulder, but not nearly long enough before I veered into the left lane from the right.

The car behind me was a similar color to the asphalt and the gray sky. I couldn’t see him behind me until it was a little too late. I kept moving to the left, and he kept staying his course, a little faster than normal. I moved almost fully into the lane and shuddered.

He honked his horn— and nothing else happened.

I veered right to let him and his silver vehicle pass. I waited patiently as he went ahead, and once more from the right lane, I went left. No honks the time, just the sight of me looking at the driver’s license plate.

It only occurred to me later, that however mundane this experience was, however “every day” it is to get honked at for not checking your blinds sufficiently, that that car horn did, in fact, save my life. It seems silly in some respects, but the invention of just the car horn has likely saved thousands of lives. It just took one man to put the horn and the automobile together, and suddenly I have the freedom to write this.

That man, whatever his name was, made a simple invention to save thousands. Certainly, we can look at the fields of medicine or surgery to save that there are lives saved, but truthfully whoever invented mass cargo shipping has saved lives by making food more affordable to the impoverished. Whoever invented refrigeration has made it cheaper too, as well as more resistant to the injuries of spoiling. Whoever invented the simple idea of the lifeboat or life jacket or parachute, however simplistic, has likely contributed to the genuine saving of lives all throughout the world.

I’d bless that person, so here’s to whoever invented the car horn.



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