Today is the last day in a series of 8 blogs I’ve posted that have been either inspired from or about the work I’ve done with Max Border’s The Social Singularity, a book that I’ve been helping market online. It’s sad but I look at the passion I’ve brought to helping him and his book, how I’ve helped him grow audience and methods by which to entertain them. I look back at the work I’ve done for the month and I do feel capable, or that I have truly assisted in a way, a shape and form.

Without passion for this, I think that my labor and my efforts would have been something that I would have to fight myself on. Like a relationship gone awry or the watching of a television show after the writing has become awful, without passion the route through a working project is something tumultuous and self-destructive.

I’ve written in the past about integrity, but something at the core of my integrity is love. Not love in the pathetic hippy-sense, but love in the sense of a true, intrinsic and fulfilling drive. Love in the sense of the artist and his art, the chef and his favorite meal, the architect, and his most revered work. I resent love in the sense of it being universal and something to distribute to the world. I treasure love as something to be refined and exclusive in its admission and focus. I treasure the love that exalts caring and passion, whether in work or in hobbies or in persons or in one’s declared agenda.

Work and love, I believe, should be inseparable. When human beings identify and work towards a common goal, which in their work they love, I believe they make the greatest headway. They write novels in single days, they make massive lines of code that reinvent the world, they establish communities of those who themselves have passion and spread their indulged joy to the rest of the world.

Passion and love are not separate from working towards a goal, nor should they be sacrificed. To throw them away is to rob a space shuttle of its rocket fuel. Here’s to you owning your rocket fuel.


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