The (Peaceful) Anarchist’s Bible

My last few posts have spoken about my work with Max Borders and The Social Singularity. I won’t pretend I’m not actively working on selling the book to people and to podcasts. That said, I would only ever choose to sell a book that I really believed in.

The book is about how decentralization will undermine every old institution on Earth, replacing the archaic hierarchies of government and politics and academia with smarter, agiler and more customized forms of administration all around the world. In short, it’s the story of how anarchy isn’t so far-fetched, and how we may be on the verge of a very peaceful rendition of it.

I want this post to be a review of the book (thus far) as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Max’s writings up until this point. Max goes into how the world today structures people on regimented paths far too much like the past, but with the introduction of things like blockchain, the internet, technological innovations which undermine old social order, we are looking at an approaching world which is radically different from any that past civilizations could have foreseen. We are at a point in our history where 50 years ago in The Jetsons, James Bond or The Cold War Space Race was deemed centuries away may be on our doorstep. The implications that what was science fiction yesterday may be reality tomorrow is something our civilization will have to adapt to, and given human prosperity, it will have to adapt to it quite soon.

Things that seemed impossible a few years ago will be reality tomorrow, even within our lifetimes.

However, there are still those who fear the future more than embrace it. One of the greatest challenges for innovating past everything must be overcoming and relieving that fear so that human can boldly embark to wherever it desires to head next.

I hope to live long enough to see humanity embrace that innovation, and for The Social Singularity to emerge.


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