The Value of Roadmaps

I am navigationally challenged, and more so than anyone I know. I have spent hours trying my way back to the nearest highways when within 5 miles of two separate ones. I tend also to not read signs or exits when thinking about where to go and thus miss my turns consistently. I am the man for whom maps were invented, and I thank every cartographer thus far for them.

But I’m not alone. And I don’t just need physical maps.

Goals specifically are very useful to have maps for. Knowing where to go and how to get there and where your next turn is are all exceptionally important for heading out on the most efficient path possible. Roadmaps are the blueprints for the achievement of any professional endeavor or personal task, and they aren’t even that hard to build.

Any drawing tool like can suffice, and you just have click start and begin placing goals you want to reach in a sequenced model. As a rule of thumb, starting with the final goal and moving backward is more productive than trying to assign small goals leading to vague ultimate ones, this way you give yourself and everyone involved a true vision of where to go next.

I made an example for my website Original Path right here for anyone who wants to check it out. I have goals labeled out for everyone involved in mine, that way we all have individual visions regarding our sole responsibilities. This keeps our tasks and duties both independently tied to whosoever is working on them, and shows how their work is tied in with the larger project.

People tend lost, and as smart as humans can be sometimes sheep need shepherds. Of all people, I don’t like saying that, but I know it would hypocrisy for me to say I know where 100% where I’m headed 100% of the time. There are plenty of locals in foreign cities who I’ve asked for directions who can attest to my navigational blunders.  Prior to a roadmap, my own team at Original Path could say the same.

I am currently making one for the marketing and growth of Max Border’s new book The Social Singularity, a fantastic new book about how decentralization is the key to human prosperity. When having a novel (pun intended) project, simply having the concrete and outlined plan goes farther than many would ever realize,, and has been an extremely valuable tool in reaching any goal I’ve set out for myself.

It’s hard to decide a destination if you don’t know what it takes to reach it.

I hope you can find your way to yours.


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