3 Tips for your next Value Prop

I recently reached out to a local entrepreneur I had been a fan of for around a year. The name of the man is Max Borders, and I offered to help him rebuild his site and help market his movement. While he decided against that initiative, he did take me up on the offer of help after I sent him this value proposition (feel free to use it as a template for your value propositions!)

After writing it though, I could see that 3 things stood out to help it gain traction with Borders, and which helped me gain a position in marketing his new book The Social Singularity (a great read and a shameless plug).

Here are three things that I think helped the proposition stand out, and that you can use in your next email reaching out:

1. Real People, Real Value

When I reached out to him I made sure to add a separate blog that he could immediately use. I wanted to give him content immediately, so if nothing else he walked away having the email benefit him.

Additionally, I gave him data that I pulled that was immediately relevant to him, in the case of things pulled from Similarweb. I wanted him to see the problem, and how I could be the solution.

Real estate is location, location, location. Value propositions are in the name: value, value, value.

2. Less is more

Don’t say anything unnecessary. Even when looking back on mine, it’s a little long. Still, I don’t say anything that isn’t needed. Everything mentioned there is designed to radically help whosoever is needing it.

The real world isn’t a Judith Butler book, and we need to get to the conclusions. People are busy and being as aware as possible of that will help.

3. Knowledge is Power

This is a bit of a gimmick one.

When sending out the value proposition to Max, I had been aware of his work for a while. I’d been a fan, as mentioned in the opening to the email, and I’d genuinely wanted to help him in his endeavors.

Being aware of his struggles and what he was looking for drastically helped me out in getting the opportunity to help him. I had managed to hear from others that he was actively seeking help with marketing his website, movement, and book, and so I wasted no time getting a value prop to him.

It’s something that goes overlooked, but being in the right place at the right time is how things get done often. The thing is that whosoever knows the right places and the right times has a deep advantage.

Knowledge is power, and knowing when to act is a fruitful knowledge indeed.

I hope these tips can help you out with your next proposition, and I hope you gain the opportunity!



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