In ancient Greece and Rome, the dog was a symbol of loyalty, protection, and fidelity. Indeed, the word fidelity and the dog name Fido are both rooted in the Latin “fides” meaning faith or faithful. The dog, who would follow it’s master into the hunt and the war and around the household became the symbol of that faithfulness and loyalty.

Fidelity and Fido only increased in their symbolism as Christianity, a religion which notability encourages spousal-faithfulness. Extending as far as Renassaince Italy the dog was the symbol of fidelity, and often women who were depicted as very loyal to their husbands were painted with dogs nearby to them.

Finding fidelity is something that can be difficult, and I’m not just talking with a partner. Finding self-integrity, self-commitment, self-loyalty is just as hard as any external fidelity.

Find your Fido.


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