I’m impatient, I’ll say it. I think the whole world is too, granted, but I don’t think the whole world wants to be. People want the quickest shipping times, the fastest internet speeds, the shortest commute and the least effort for the maximum indulgence.

However, I’ve almost been hibernating these last few weeks. I am still doing as much work as I can but in preparation for a big shift—namely moving— I’ve been keeping myself very local and spending as little as possible. I don’t wanna do this if anything I’d move tomorrow, but sometimes life needs hibernation.

More people hibernate than we realize either. I once knew a man who was a refugee from Eritrea, who spent every day working as a cab driver to migrate his family overseas. His hibernation is very justified, he would spend as little energy (money) as he could whilst accumulating as much as he could for when he needed it.

There are other people who bide their time, money and energy for less valid reasons. Some people who grow to be very spending-phobic hoard as much as they possibly can, while living absurdly frugally. I respect and honor saving very greatly, but there comes a point where one spends more time preparing for hibernation and hibernating, than one does living.

I am not much a fan of hibernating, and I am looking forward to being both an active spender, consumer and actor within the greater economy again. I am fortunate though, that I maintain the freedom to hibernate as I can.



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