The first assignment I ever did for my second high school was entirely focused on the connection between food and the mind. The mentor who assigned it sought to emphasize how such things were connected to our day to day lives. While there are some, such as he, who gives out apples on Halloween and refuses to eat anything that isn’t of the purest quality or nutritional value.

That said, try eating under the caloric daily value for a few days. If you fast, just take note of the effect it has. I do not do the latter, and if I miss a meal or do anything productive that I seek to get done is going to be crippled.

On the flip side, try eating the crappiest foods you can for a bit, and then compare how you feel with that of higher quality. There is a connection between what you eat, and what level of productivity you are exhibiting.

Hunger, for me, is by far the worst. I can think with crap foods in me, I can’t with no food in me. For those more accustomed to fasting or other practices, the reverse may be true. That said, observing the effect of your diet on your working motivation and energy goes a long way.

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