Being cruel has it’s perks, that something people don’t get told often. Everyone wants to be a sadist from time to time, everyone wants to laugh when their enemies have misfortune, or even when their friends have a blunder. People can take comfort in the destruction and degradation of others.

Being cruel, simply put, is fun. It isn’t the only fun, but if you are a person who has never laughed at an inappropriate and ill-meaning joke, or never thought about doing anything violent or distasteful towards others for your own satisfaction, please come forward so I can name you as the next messiah. Even if you are a peaceful person, there are few who have abstained from virtually murdering in a video game.

However, all of the cruelty’s joys are emotional, ephemeral things. We want to take vengeance on the guy who cut us off by driving into his side, and reason saves us with reminding us of the consequences. Maybe we fantasize about hurting him later, maybe not, but the cruelty is within us.

If there is an original sin, I would call it the sadism humanity shares, yet often doesn’t talk about. It’s a difficult thing, for they know they take joy in their evils, yet recognize how evil they can be.

I, however, reject the idea of the original sin, and thus of cruelty’s inherent vice. The satisfaction of cruelty is a human pleasure, and satisfaction is far from a vice. The question is how to handle cruelty in such a way that our evil is not spilled onto our peers.

With that, I say cruelty must be released, but not in a way that is violent towards other human beings. Many get satisfaction in sports or the aforementioned virtual murder, others go hunting or write it out (as I am now). The solution for cruelty will not be the abandonment of the cruelness within human nature, but the compromise such that it can contribute to human pleasure rather than human pain.

So stay cruel, just not to me or anyone else. I hope you get some pleasure out of it.


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