Never Neglect The Nuisances

Today is my 99th-day blogging. Tomorrow will be my 100th day in a row of writing. Today is also the second day I’ve been experiencing some of the worst pain I have ever experience in my entire life. Currently, it takes three full-strength painkillers to knock it out, two of which are only available by prescription. As I am writing this I am desperate for one painkiller to become active, and with an ear canal that’s been slammed shut by swelling, I am currently gasping for air out of how much it hurts.

This is all do to something that is almost always overlooked or taken for granted. A simple ear infection. In fact, when I went into my doctor’s office for a physical recently, my own physician cast it off as something that would heal on its own. Fast forward 68 hours and I am in the emergency room for extreme pain, and 107 after the appointment I am writing this desperate for a third prescription of a pill to kick, and breaking about every minute to gasp out of the pain. Were it not for the other two, I would kiss this streak goodbye and would be actively screaming out of agony.

I am writing this as a note for anyone and everyone, that sometimes even the smallest things can accelerate into the most painful. Automobile manufacturers in Detroit neglected the fact that Japanese cars were taken up small margins of the market. Only a few years later, the city of Detroit fell into financial ruin, with companies like GMC scratching their heads and licking their wounds.

For your own safety, medical stuff can be substantially worse, and I’d highlight that you should never delay. Please, take my advice and never let a little thing like an ear infection sit, less than 72 hours later you could be regretting it. Don’t neglect the little things, as it takes one spark to start a wildfire.

Please, for your own well being, as I’m seeing the consequence it on mine.


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