In the outer world, there are thousands of things to keep us from committing to any given endeavor. Jobs, families, money, play, sickness. However, there is one that isn’t talked about nearly as much, and which I regard as one of the key forms of resistance when striving towards goals.

Have you ever been a coffee shop that you work well in for years and then one day find you can’t get anything done? Maybe you try going elsewhere, as while today it’s no noisier than most days, it’s simply today it is getting to you. Maybe you try a library only to hear the dull clicking of the clock and the shuffling of books. Maybe you go home, only to find some other menial distraction.

It just seems like the world has picked a pupu platter of things to keep you from doing your work, doesn’t it?

Except it isn’t the world. It’s you.

Complacency and restraint in the external world are sometimes legitimately things which you had no control over. Far more often though, it’s due to things within us that manifest, boil over, and infect our minds.

Maybe you’ve had quarrels recently that have thrown you into a bad mood. Maybe you’ve lost your job recently. Maybe you’re just beating yourself up emotionally. In any and either case, being your own worst enemy and standing in your own way is no way to get anything done.

Internalizing stress, and allowing it to persist within you and cause you to turn on yourself, either consciously or subconsciously, is no way to do your best work. In demons can create outward hell, and unless you face those the limbo or low-quality work is bound to ensue, and internalization of stress and frustration leads only to self-destruction.

Until next time,


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