Waiting Game

When the late Christopher Hitchens was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he was asked by a panel host, “how are you feeling”.

Christopher Hitchens, who I have never been necessarily a big fan of cordially thanked the host, and promptly replied: “Well, I’m dying…

…but so are you.”

These words have stuck with me for a long time. Certainly, Hitchens knew he was going to die, and he knew he was going to die sooner rather than later. I do not like being morbid, but the term “memento mori” comes to mind.

The difference between living and dying is entirely in which direction you choose to look. There are people who are waiting for their cause of death to be announced who can’t even drive yet. Similarly, there are people with 6 months left and who have chosen to spend what bit of life they have as life and not death.

You can choose which direction headed, towards the grave, or whatsoever lies in between yourself and it. You can claim the best is behind you, or you can make the best. You can be the walking or the dead. It’s your choice, and nothing is so sad as a life lived solely to be the ticket of an eventual grave.

Until next time,


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