Failing at Chess

I have always been awful at chess. I have enjoyed how awful I am,  however, very similarly to how I can enjoy being bad at a game like bowling. I have been able to have some fun with the parameters, the rules, even insofar as I didn’t do very well.

Things like chess, which are fun to fail or lose at are hard to come by. I imagine what it would be like if it was a fun to get rejected in sales, or if it were fun to fail a test, what a degree we would keep trying. Of course, there are such things as intentional failures, wanting to lose to prove a point or to make a scene or for whatever reason, but so long as genuine failure can remain fun, the game is exalted.

Chess can be fun, even if you’re crap at it. Business can be fun if you can’t sell (yet). So long as victory is sweeter than failure, and failure not shamed but accepted, growth in the medium can be expected and indulged.

Find a game like chess, and let yourself enjoy stumbling through the rules.


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