Wikki-Wikki-Wikki-What Am I Doing With This Title? (Everything is a Remix)

Here I am at the end, I’ve made it. Module 4, out and done. And, as it comes to a conclusion, I have one last video. Why, and how, everything is a remix.

I’d heard a couple times in the past the idea that “ideas have sex” I always found this pretty funny to hear at first, and then something I could agree with. I had always seen ideas as human things, and the thought that they’d have sex, and have little “baby ideas” almost seemed comical, and humanizing, animating for those abstract things.

I very much so liked that notion, and I had always seen how ideas seemed to reflect bacteria, always mutating, changing, adapting, at an intensely, scarily radical scale. With that, I found a lot of resonance between this week’s content and my own preconceived notions.

That said, I found most of the video’s content to almost demean the greats for taking different ideas, and while I saw many of the arguments being made, I disagreed with the nature of how ideas were taken.

Ideas, rhythms, and abstract things I believe can be altered and reused in moderation if they are inspiring something new. If Android “copy-pastes” the design of a smartphone without Jobs’ & Apple’s consent, rather than letting it inspiring a new line of products, or without a sufficient wait time, I can stand behind calling it thieving. My hope is one we can have intellectual property that more so pays homage to inventors, rather than allows intellectual proprietors exclusive and often inflated rights to inventions existing in the abstract.

I digress a bit, and this week was very interesting. Nonetheless, here is my final video for this module, and I hope you enjoy!


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