Northern Star

One of the key advantages for early peoples living in the Northern Hemisphere was the existence of the Northern Star Polaris. For thousands of years, navigators from the likes of the ancient Greeks to the Ming Chinese to the late Western European circumnavigators relied on the star to show orient them in their world.

Men were able to discover new lands, new peoples and there very way back home using Polaris, making it simply a life-saver for early peoples.

Just as much of the world’s ancestors had their northern star, orienting them to the world can letting them see back home, we too deserve our something to center us. Many times that is a desire, or an “end goal” for where we would like to see ourselves. Sometimes that is a system of values, which give us a base for understanding the rest of the world. Whatever it is, “Northern Stars” just like the one the majority of the world’s ancestors shared, are invaluable for finding our way to far-flung destinations just as well as back home from them.

Having a northern star is invaluable for embracing your path in the world, and having something external to focus yourself on.

Until next time,


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