Screen Dreams

There comes a point of living in screens that it becomes hard to get back into the real world. It’s hard to ease your way back into reality, and everything seems to be hitting you from another place. The world becomes a screened dream, something passive, something alien.

Reality too can be difficult to deal with, hard to engage with, inaccessible. Perhaps from an emotional standpoint, or perhaps from a real-world one. You can dream of screens, all showing you a life that isn’t yours, all showing a life that is something to get away from reality.

Screen dreams lead to death though, or more accurately, a state of non-life. Something dystopian in concept, but much more akin to fish of the deep following the angler. Screen dreams lead to nowhere, though, and just give the illusion that you don’t have to move. Screen dreams aren’t dreams at all, but periods of complacency before you can do anything about your true ones.

Until next time,


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