20 minutes

My girlfriend just told me to write about milk again, and as tempting as that is, I want to write about 20 minutes. That’s how much time I have left to write to get a daily blog done. If you ask most people, get a blog done in 20 minutes, they’ll look at you like your crazy, writing, and anything else of mental effort should take time. It’s important to think, however, not that easy to get done in twenty minutes, or what’s normal to get done in 20 minutes, but what can get done in twenty minutes.

If you take a flight from New York City to Philadelphia, you will have crossed all of New Jersey in 20 minutes. Given prerequisite knowledge, there are people who can design entire websites in 20 minutes, paint entier pictures, make entire word-worked crafts, or, write a full essay.

Thinking in terms of how something can get done, rather than it’s convenience or whether it is usual or feasible, is a wonderful in putting out content and your own ability. Just try and see what you can get done in twenty minutes, and don’t lend any bit of your consciousness to whether or not such a task will be easy or hard. Make a conviction for yourself, and go with it.

Until next time,


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