Why Procrastinate?

Procrastination is something that exists within us all and is something we will all experience at some point in our lives. It seems to be a constant of human nature when facing its work, and like there ohms to a current of electricity, there is resistance in committing to our work.

I believe that procrastination is the projection of distractions when we do want to do our work. That seems obvious. What doesn’t seem obvious is that there can be internal solutions to procrastination.

Why procrastinate when getting something done might alleviate the stress of the duty completely? Why procrastinate when you have a made commitment of your choosing?

There are a few reasons, and the most common amongst these is that work is not in line with your values. I do not like the idea of not being true to your word, especially in the working world, however, not being true to yourself is also a problem. Someone who dislikes reading should never get a job as an editor, and if you were to see them as such, they would resist their work compulsively.

While responsibility should not be excused, and there can be no jobs that are perfect and never ask a thing unwanted of you, finding work that is in line with your values and your convictions is imperative to overcoming procrastination.

Consider what it is about the work you are avoiding. It is easy to avoid your tasks, and avoid your reasoning in why you avoid them. Yet simply allowing yourself the consciousness of why you refuse to acknowledge your work, is important in overcoming it. Feeling like you are tied to what you must do, or bogged down, or stretched in other places may cause you resistance, and being aware and understanding of your blockage can help you work around it.

Find out what you are resisting in your work, or in yourself. Find out what you are afraid of, what’s stressing you out, and by coming to awareness of it, come to peace with it. Procrastination is the projection of internal resistance— witness that resistance and understand why it exists and how to surpass it.

Until next time,


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