I do not give enough thanks to my father for everything he has done for me. He has supported me through the plethora of educational outlets I have chosen, including Praxis, he coached almost all of my soccer teams growing up, he has provided for me and siblings and my mother. Something that goes overlooked but shouldn’t is he stayed.

One of the worst plagues of society that I see is the epidemic of fatherlessness present in many families. While I disagree that any one person’s destiny is reliant on a father figure, I would say that young men growing up do seek out paternal guidance. I look to the slums and the hoods of the US and I am appalled by not so much the stereotype of fatherlessness, but the culture of it.

I believe that paternity is as important as maternity in the creation of a functioning member of society, and should not be overlooked, and I believe many people around the world are seeking it. The fatherly figure you choose to identify with will provide you with a compass in whose image to strive. The lack of close father figure, and the replacement of such with questionable members of society, I believe leads to a culture of confused children, where young girls have no idea as to how a woman should be treated, and young men have no idea as to how a man should act.

With this, I do want to appreciate my father and the fatherly figures in my life. It would be very easy to mimic worse men should I had never had their better judgment, and very easy for me to be lost in defining my own nature should I not have had their wisdom. In short, thank you, and happy father’s day.


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