I read recently that dairy cravings symbol that you have a desire to relax. I don’t know if that’s the case but in any regard I love milk. Ever since writing about Fidel Castro’s weird obsession with dairy, I have had a decent craving for dairy, whether cheese, yogurt or milk.

I have found that the stuff has brought me peace after consumption, which prompted me to write about how good it is to crave things. A lot of people view cravings almost as a plague, but craving can be a good thing. I crave wealth, I crave pleasure, I crave sleep and of course, I crave dairy, but upon the fulfillment of those cravings, I feel genuine joy.

Craving and desiring can be like a quest system where your psyche provides you with tasks and you seek to accomplish them. You may seek love and try and go on a bunch of dates or discover new people. You may seek money and look for a better job. You may seek time and look to save your time. However, upon the completion of your desires, upon the satisfaction of your pursuit, happiness can come.

Craving things in the world give it purpose, fun, joy, and challenges. Craving an answer is called curiosity. Craving a woman is called infatuation. Craving a meal is called hunger. The world as those cravings are fulfilled is a happier one and is enjoyed far more as the cravings exist.

I craved milk today. I’ll crave many things tomorrow. I’ll enjoy the craving and the satisfaction of all of them.

What’s your craving?




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