Mornin’ Ramble

I am not a morning person, but today I wanted to try pumping out a daily blog as though I were one. It’s not even early morning but it is worth experimenting. Our moods change often, and in the past, I would get done with most of my work between 12:00 pm and 1:00 am, and it might be a lot nicer to have a margin like 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Mornings to me have always been slow things, things that one had to overcome. My bed is extremely comfortable, and it seems to rope me back in, I can get up and eat whenever and I work largely remotely so it doesn’t matter when I wake. I have few things pulling me out of my bed/ house in the morning, and many keeping me there.

With that, I always like to give myself one thing to look forward to in the day, one piece of the morning I can set my sights on. A coffee from Summermoon, a nice lunch later after I get my work done, a little bit of a walk later…anything. Getting up is hard, but giving yourself a reason to embrace the day makes it that much easier, and it’s easy to engage a day you are looking forward to.

Look forward to the special, beautiful things in life. Look forward to what makes you happy, and if you can, give yourself a little happiness every single day.

Until next time,


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