Quarantining Your Cousins

I do not want to get sick, this week especially. A very important person is coming to see me, and I am going to see a few very important people.

I also have family over. Well, I did, until earlier today. That family is notorious for getting sick, and by that curse, getting others’ sick. My brother is already lying in bed, though he is likely pretending.

The family that’s is staying with us is very young though. The mother is only a few years older than I am, and the daughters are very young and very loving. The first is out cold today, she decided to attend a jiu-jitsu party in the midst of being sick.

The other one, however, is a coughing, loving mess. I went over to see the rest of my family and there was a little girl maybe 5 years old, and she was insistent on being in everyone’s personal space. She was also insistent on coughing quite a bit.

I felt awful, and she’s so very sweet, but every time she would even come near me I would practically hide. She ended up getting really distraught, as everyone was seemingly playing hot potato and she was none the wiser. She tried bringing me into play tea time or watch a little show or hand me a bracelet and I practically flung up my hands avoiding her.

I do not want to be sick and I have all but quarantined myself from that section of my family. It’s very anti-social, I will agree, but I see my own well being in it. I do not believe that the world should have to choose between sacrificing the few for the many, but I had to choose that today. I feel like I’ve been very mean, but I also can’t help but laugh at the situation. Maybe I’m cruel like that, but while I may be sick in my humor, I’m not sick in my corpus.

Until next time,


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