Make A Landing Page For Dumb People.



People are dumb.

There, I said it. They’re dumb. Don’t mistake me, I’m dumb too. Just today I spent 15 minutes looking for a sink to fill up a Keurig at a dentists’ office, only to find the sink and forget what the hell I needed to find it for.

That story though is a fairly common (and deeply “human”) experience to have, and I can blame as much on my own lack of intuition in finding a sink, as I can on the poor layout of the dentist. That dentist gave one of their customers a potentially negative and confusing experience, which could have been solved through better building layout. I find the experience more comical than annoying, but there are plenty of people who would take offense.

Similarly to an office space or a store layout, a website shouldn’t be confusing. People can be pretty dumb. They don’t know where to go, they get confused pretty easily, and if they lack context it’s not very easy to infer solutions.

I made a video review of The Hoth’s website, which I came across recently, which emphasizes how to stop people from getting confused, and how to lead them through your site.

You want your website layout to direct people to conversions with clarity and briskness. A bad website is like a store that points its customers to backdoor exit, rather than supplies’ sections. Hold your user’s hand, speak clearly and effectively to them, and do everything save for sitting their next to them and scrolling through the pages yourself in order to get them to navigate your site.

With a website, it’s not a matter and death, it’s much worse than that. It’s a matter of sale or no sale.

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