Living Safety

I spent the larger half of the day making myself paranoid by relentlessly viewing the crime statistics of different cities. I was reviewing where I’d want to set up, where I could sink my teeth into, and where I could start my work. I’ve been told to not think of things in a “city-centric” mindset, as though I’m letting the city have agency over me, but a rather a “me-centric” mindset, where I am having agency over the city of my work.

I don’t know whether or not it is “city-centric” to review crime statistics, or “me-centric”. On the one hand, I support my own existence by being informed of the potential crimes. On the other, I am letting the statistics of the city power my own destiny.

I surrendered much of my decision thinking about the fear of those cities. I have no fear of being the victim of a homicide, and I do not live in paranoia, but I did allow my mind to be changed about quite a few urban centers. I let the city and statistics have power over my life, and I repeatedly wondered whether or not I should.

I am not the kind of person to put myself in harm’s way, and I like to know the risks I am taking, fully. I know I am never secure unless I use my own judgment. My own sense of reason is the primary thing to maintain my salvation. While I would not decide to live in the projects while flaunting wealth, I should also not avoid the whole city of Chicago for bearing the projects.

We are never safe unless we use and refine our own reason and judgment.

Until next time,


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