Taboo: The Enemy of Understanding

There are many things which are held as taboos, which I have no problem talking about or going with a deep conversation into. Horrific crimes are things I hope to comprehend, as to learn measures to stop them. Breaks in social norms are something I hope to understand, as to learn why social norms should have any value and any limit. I’m not a robot, but I hope to look at the world and all its values in cultures from a bird’s eye and separated from a grounded view.

What western culture may hold as taboo, namely things that are considered perversions of sexuality or aggression, remain things restricted from most dialogues. As they are restricted, greater forms of understanding are halted, and human beings cannot share their plethora of thoughts, experiences, and perceptions.

I see many things which were taboos ceasing to be so, such as sexuality, gender, and drug experimentation. On the opposite side of the coin, things such as race and religion, becoming much more taboo. As some subjects are raised to be considered more appropriate, I am excited to see what dialogues of understanding people can have. As others are lowered, I am remorseful that we may lose the ability to have free and open conversations about them.

The worst taboos, I believe come from a self-policing. It’s very hard to speak of the disturbing evils of the world, or the things which are at least thought of as disturbing evils. It is even harder to name the taboos we force upon ourselves. There are things we are insecure about telling others, yet worse still are the things we are insecure about telling ourselves.

Yet, so long as there are things which we hold as taboo, either internally or externally, we are halted from a better understanding of them. Now, I’m not saying you must open a window and declare everything you feel to everyone you meet, but I am saying that you should purge yourself of the idea of taboo. There is great evil in this world, which would be more convenient to never think about and simply label as taboo, but no matter how much you wish a horrible thing out of existence it shall not disappear until you stand to banish it. No amount of wishing will stop an insecurity, nor will any amount destroy child enslavement or other, unnameable awful things.

Recognize that which is taboo, either for why it is evil or why it should never be spoken. The taboo in this world, either within us or without, cannot be resolved unless we allow ourselves a consciousness of them.

Until next time


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