I’m an Elvis wannabe. You are too.

If worse comes to worse, I’d want to be an Elvis impersonator. Note that currently, I do not want to be an Elvis impersonator, but, if I screwed up really badly… we’re talking a screw up where life plans A through Y are trashed, my plan Z would be becoming an Elvis impersonator. That’s the job I’d want after I’d just totally given up on everything else.

I should note, I’m not a showman. I have no problem with stages or public performance, but I have never sought to be an entertainer. I am also not a musician, nor a singer, nor do I look especially like Elvis Presley. Why the hell should I want to impersonate “The King” then? Well, because why not?

We all have things we’d want to do if we had no prior arrangements, and while many of my “arrangements” before impersonating the father Rock and Roll are my also passions of mine, there are ridiculous, silly things that I think I could find joy in. Impersonating Elvis Presley, perhaps mainly for the playful joy of saying “Yea, I did that”, is one of them.

Now, impersonating Elvis Presley is a silly example, but I’m sure you have things like this too. Given no prior conditions, no pre-existing financial arrangement, and a certainty of no emotional pain in rejection, failure or humiliation, there are probably dozens upon dozens of things you’d like to do.

Sure, pretending to be Elvis is ridiculous, I know. But what about asking out a special someone on a date, or taking an impromptu vacation, or quitting a job you hate? Certainly, saying “fuck it” to the world, going to Vegas, growing out sideburns and dawning the guitar sounds like much less of a dream and much more like the plot for a Hollywood comedy. Yet, saying “fuck it” and telling the pretty girl in the room over what you think, or scheduling a trip you’ve always dreamed, or abandoning the job you’re disgusted by is much more culturally acceptable.

Maybe you too have a silly thing you’d like to give a try. Maybe you’d like to be a Michael Jackson impersonator, or write parody scripts, or try making photoshop memes, or something, anything, no matter how stupid it sounds. However, you should recognize your own sense of desire, and not alienate yourself from it. Maybe you don’t even want the thing that bad, I mean, I’m in a business development boot camp for god’s sake I’m not going to become an Elvis impersonator. But, all other things considered, maybe someday I’ll learn the guitar and dress up as him for Halloween. Maybe not, who knows, but being aware and in recognition of my desires is important for being in recognition of who I am and what my goals are.

There are plenty of people who will crap on what you want to do, or who will dismiss your desires. You don’t need to add yourself to that posse. You are justified in anything you desire or want to do so long as it does not harm others, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of any stupid, meaningless, little thing you happen to want. Many times that “stupid, meaningless, little thing” will end up becoming something we love.

At least, that’s what my parents always told me.

Until next time,





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