Old Friends

Having lunch with someone you haven’t seen in a long time is always refreshing. Reconnecting is a wonderful experience, almost like the rediscovery of a childhood neighborhood. It can be a true blast from the past.

It’s almost a call to the good memories of the past. While I resent how many seem to long for events that are already gone, I can appreciate them. A present implies a past, and the reverence of the past is worth celebrating.

At the same time, it’s an acknowledgment of different journeys, of different paths taken down. I made many decisions that my friends from long ago did not make, and I am happy with mine. I hope, deeply, that they are happy with their paths. I cannot prove anything, of course, but I do hope that they are.

Old friends are a joy in the world, as they simultaneously represent the exploration of a new friendship, with the atmosphere of security as though one is returning home. Old friends are a remembrance of one’s origins. If the friendship is good, it continues as an enjoyment of one’s origins.

Until next time,


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