The Latter And The Later

This week I couldn’t help but feel I was late in getting in some edits for Britebee. There a company I’ve thus far really enjoyed speaking with, and I really enjoy how they are helping the industry of insurance become more open and trustworthy as they provide better communication and transparency to both providers and consumers.

I can’t help this nagging feeling of resentment when I consider how late I am to my work. There is an excuse, but I need to separate myself from that. The nagging feeling is something that will help me, and I am writing this as I edit my submission— missing both the edit and daily post would really tug at my consciousness.

I am reminded of a man who used to always say some rendition of “I am always trying to be better”, or “we all make mistakes sometimes and we just have to try harder”. He would always make the same jests that he would be better sometime in the future, at some indefinite point. I will not emulate him. I will not apologize, especially to myself.

I will simply state the nature of my mistake, as it is what is on my mind, and return to the present where I may take a chance to amend it.

Until next time,


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