John Lennon once said, “life is what gets in the way when you are busy making plans”. Life got in the way today.

After trying to pump out this blog earlier this morning, I let myself get very frustrated. A dog I was watching was beginning to get on my nerves, as it was howling downstairs. In my frustration, I tossed the young canine outside.

Half an hour later, the dog was nowhere to be found. I had gotten no new ideas written in my blog, no new content. The gate to my backyard was wide open.

4 and a half hours later the dog was found in the middle of the street, confused and dodging cars. I had made a dear mistake, and in rashly wanting to pump out this blog this morning, I had near sacrificed a dog which was not my own.

Mistakes can be made, as scary as they are. Mistakes are a part of life. The greatest mistake for me would be overburdening myself with the regret of my actions.

Until next time,


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