Tell Me Where The Roads Turns

After taking my first solo road trip to go see something very special to me, I can’t help but find myself longing for what I left behind. I miss what I’m leaving behind, and I have Diana Ross’s “Missing You” playing in my head non-stop. New Mexico turned out to be great, much better than I thought it would be, and that’s coming from a passionate Texan.

I try not to focus on anything I am away from. I believe the anguish and the sorrow that comes with missing anything, is tied to the idea that you will not be able to have it. I try to miss friends, family, restaurants, places, and anything and everything that is beloved because I believe that should it be my choice I can find it again.

We miss most when we do not think it possible to find our way back to what we desire. I hope to forge a life that is nothing but the road to that which I desire, and if possible, to take that which I desire with me to even more pursuits of happiness. Do not miss long where you can plan to have that which you desire again.

Until next time,


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