I’m a logical man. I try and live by reason, logic, understanding, and deduction.

I’m also in New Mexico. I just got back from a small, albeit lonely drive in the mountains from one small town to another. The journey would have been beautiful in daylight, and something I was very sorry to miss.

Yet something began to take over me, like a stranger which had taken unwanted refuge in my mind. Something was deeply, and very suddenly, amiss with me.

I don’t want to describe it, it was only little things which had a much deeper effect on me than they ever should have. As I hugged my girlfriend goodnight, I looked over a bush and I swear it resembled a man. It wasn’t just this, as I misread a “miller street” as “killer street”.

I felt a sudden, very sudden, paranoia. I have no idea where it came from, and it is still persisting now. I am jumping at the worst and most bizarre conclusions rather than those themes of logic, reason, and understanding.

I believe I am just tired, but I wanted to write a recollection of my emotional state today. I was grabbing immediately at superstitions before the fact, and I was looking immediately for the bizarre and obscure answer rather than the likely one.

Until next time,


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